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the cheapest will be (around 1.50 a peace for the 1" ) at OFFICESUPPLY or COSTCO or TARGET

If you want the convenience of AMAZON shopping the cheapest would be here (for around 2.50 the 1").

For a great selection of binders for all sizes, tastes, and budgets go here.


the regular size would be 8 1/2 by 11 inch and there are two kinds the one with wide lines (wide ruled) this will give you a nicer space for writing but it will fit less on the page or you can go with college ruled what gives you more on a page.

For the wide ruled you got a pretty good price for good quality paper with nice lines on Amazon

and you can find a bargain but not the same good quality at target .

For the college ruled you can get nicely packed at 100 per pack here

 or by 500 paper pack for a little cheaper here 

then there is the more expensive stronger and nicer version with More durable, patent-pending triangular holes and stronger reinforcement tape resist tearing from rings. here


Ruled  Writing Pad - (50 sheets per pad, 12 pack) And Holders

This is available in two colors and two sizes the 5" by 8" would be cheapest at AMAZON for just $6.99 a dozen

The 8 1/2 x 11 would be cheapest at ZUMAOFFICE for $9.97 a dozen (if your concerned about shipping you can get the big ones at AMAZON as well for $10.74.

An excellent selection of professional writing pad holders for good prices is available here and the cheap ones you can get at AMAZON.